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PACK 12 Months

VirilPatch during 12 months

  • 12 mois de sérénité sans panne
  • La garantie de profiter du meilleur prix
  • La livraison offerte et discrète
Free delivery
PACK 6 Months

VirilPatch during 6 months

  • 6 mois garantis sans tomber en panne
  • Une offre de prix réduit à ne pas manquer
  • La livraison offerte et discrète
Free delivery
PACK 3 Months

VirilPatch during 3 months

PACK 2 Months

VirilPatch during 2 months

PACK 1 Months

VirilPatch during 1 months

Qualité Premium VirilPatch is made and packaged in France, in a certified factory that complies with current legal standards.
Each purchase comes with a satisfaction guarantee that allows you to enjoy the advantages in total confidence.
Natural product
Safety guaranteed
Anonymity maintained